Make a Plan

Make a Plan
by Max Lucado

You can’t control the weather. You aren’t in charge of the economy. You can’t un-wreck the car. But you can map out a strategy. Remember, God is in this crisis. Ask Him to give you a plan, two or three steps you can take today.
Seek counsel from someone who’s faced a similar challenge. Ask friends to pray. Look for resources. Reach out to a support group. Make a plan!

You’d prefer a miracle? You’d rather see the bread multiplied or the stormy sea turned to glassy calm in a finger snap? God may do this. Then again, He may tell you, “I’m with you. And I can use this for good. Now, let’s make a plan.”

God’s sovereignty doesn’t negate our responsibility. Just the opposite. It empowers it. Trust God to do what you can’t. Obey God and do what you can! You’ll get through this.

From You’ll Get Through This