The Mother-in-Law

The Mother-in-Law

by Max Lucado

Someone once asked me, So what do I do about my mother-in-law? Let’s just say, she’s taken “critical and judgmental” to a whole new level!

Just saying, “my mother-in-law” gets a chuckle every time. I wonder if in mother-in-law circles they laugh when they hear “the son-in-law?” Your mother-in-law may be hard to get along with. But the fact is, you can’t change her, but you can change the way you see her.

For starters, stop looking at what drives you up the wall. Look for a quality worthy of your attention. Is she generous? A great cook? And pray for her. It’s hard to stand before God and speak horribly about someone He loves! You may not change your mother-in-law, but it’ll change your attitude toward her. Who knows? Maybe she’ll start to change when you start to see her differently!

From Max on Life