by Max Lucado
The disciples were alone in the storm for nine tempestuous hours. Long enough for more than one disciple to ask, “Where is Jesus? He knows we are in the boat. For heaven’s sake, it was his idea. Is God anywhere near?”

And from within the storm comes an unmistakable voice: “Courage! I am! Don’t be afraid!” (Matthew 14:27, literal translation).

From the center of the storm, the unwavering Jesus shouts, “I am.” Tall in the Trade Tower wreckage. Bold against the Galilean waves. ICU, battlefield, boardroom, prison cell, or maternity ward—whatever your storm, “I am.”

Christ comes astride the waves and declares the words engraved on every wise heart: “Courage! I am! Don’t be afraid!”

From Fear Not Promise Book
Originally printed in Next Door Savior